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Nine10 Photobooth Images provides a fun, unique and interactive experience for your special event. Our photobooths are designed to bring out the best in you and your guests. We offer a variety of services - from social media uploading or red carpet style photography to customized photostrips. Plus, a wide collection of fun props handpicked for your event are always included. Capturing those spontaneous moments that will leave your guests animated and buzzing about your event for years to come is our ultimate goal! We service San Diego, Orange county and Temecula.

  • How long does set up and breakdown take, and is it included in my rental time?"
    Set up takes about 45 minutes to an hour and breakdown takes about 30 minutes. Set up and breakdown time is exclusive from your rental time, but is included in the package price. So for example, if you purchase the 3 hour package, your total active photobooth time is 3 hours.
  • How much space and electricity do you require? What if my event is outdoors at a park where there is no electricity?
    We ask for a 10'x10' space to fit both the photobooth, backdrop and prop table comfortably, however we can adjust down to about 8'x8' if it's really necessary. As far as electricity, all we need is a 3 prong outlet, just one! For outdoor events without electricity, you would be responsible for renting a generator. We can hook up to one if you already have one or we have these in-house for an additional rental fee.
  • What is the required deposit to book a photobooth?
    50% of the package price and a signed contract is required to reserve a photobooth for your event. The final balance is due a month prior. For any events less than a month away from the event date, we require the full amount.
  • Do you charge for early set up? What's "idle time"?"
    We typically set up an hour prior to your service start time. However, if you need us to set up earlier than that, we charge $25 per hour for early set up. Some clients request that we start services, let's say for example during cocktail hour, then close the photobooth during dinner time, then reopen after dinner time.The time that we close is called "idle time." We charge $25 per hour for idle time.
  • Can we add additional photobooth hours day of the the event?
    Depending on our schedule or how many other events we have going on that day, we can stay for additional hours, you would just have to confirm with your photobooth attendant that evening. The cost for extra hours is $200 per hour. Payment would be due on the same day via check, cash, credit card or Venmo.
  • How many photostrips do you print?
    We print as many copies of the photostips as there are guests in the photo session. So if there are 5 guests in the photobooth, all 5 guests will get a copy. If there are 10 guests in the photobooth, then all 10 will get their own copy. We're not like other photobooth companies that say they're "unlimited" but only print out 2 copies (but guests can come in "unlimited" times to take a photo) and everyone has to share or take cell phone pictures of each other's photostrip. If you purchase a scrapbook station or the package that comes with a scrapbook station, the above applies plus we print an extra copy to go into the scrapbook for guests to sign a message next to.
  • Can you personalize the photostrip design for my event?
    A month prior to your event, one of our team members will reach out to your regarding your event theme, colors and information you would like on the photostrip. We will then come up with a mock up and send to your for your review. We can make as many revisions needed until you are happy with the design. Once approved, this will be the final version that will be printed on your photostrips.
  • Do you offer black and white photostrips? Do you offer the beauty filter?
    You have a choice of either all black and white photos or all colored photos, but it would have to be decided on prior to your event. BEAUTY FILTER COMING SOON!!!!!!
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